Saturday, June 14, 2008

Farmers Markets

I love farmers markets. It could be because I love vegetables or because of the visual impact of the luscious colors. There is also a vibrancy at a market where people are choosing their fruits, veggies and other foods that these markets offer. The conversations are fun to both participate in and listen to. Questions of freshness, price, size, and origins are being asked and answered as well as the usual meet and greet of old and new friends.

Last year my trip to France was enhanced by almost daily visits to local markets in the smaller and larger villages and cities. The food there is gorgeous to look at and all of it is, by law, grown within one hundred miles. The photo space to the right is where I've been featuring some of the photos from those markets.

This week I went to our local Downtown Kissimmee Market and I took my camera. Here are a few of the photos below.

I realized that while I adored the French markets and had distain for ours, we don't do badly. The prices are more than reasonable and definitely better than the supermarkets and even though much of it isn't grown locally, it is fresh. In the supermarkets most produce has been packaged into units and sealed while the markets offer you the opportunity to touch each item and pick the ones you want. I prefer that to coming home and finding that inside the hermetically sealed packages is fruit or vegetables with rot or mold on the bottom.

Fresh produce is on my mind lately because I'm trying to motivate myself to return to healthy eating. This winter in spite of living in a warm sunny state, I regressed to my northern roots and cooked a lot of winter comfort foods that added pounds in addition to comfort.


Amanda said...

Thanks so much for the link to the Kissimmee Farmer's Market. My husband and I are new to Kissimmee and are still trying to find our way around. It will be nice to buy our produce from a Farmer's Market and not Wal-mart (the only place we can seem to always find) anymore!


Karen said...

Hi Amanda,
Welcome to Kissimmee. I don't like Wal-mart but I do like the 2 Super Targets. One is up Orange Blossom Trail at Town Center Blvd.. just north of Hunter's Creek and the other is out 192 past Wal-mart on the right. Very nice stores with excellent prices and very nice produce.
There is also a Farmer's Market out at Celebration on Sunday morning. I haven't been there yet but mean to go. The one Sunday I made it there they were having the Art Festival and no Farmer's Market.
You also might like the Flea and Farmers Market on East 192.. It's half way to St. Cloud. They used to have more produce vendors but still have a few with a nice selection. They are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Hope this helps,