Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poor Prince Consort Henrik

In 2002 I visited Denmark and this was what the Danes were laughing about.

In 2002, Henrik left Denmark and went to stay at the couple's Château de Caïx in Cahors in southern France. The reason for Henrik's departure from Denmark was due to a New Year's Day reception in which his son, Crown Prince Frederik, was appointed host in the absence of Queen Margrethe. Henrik felt "pushed aside, degraded and humiliated" at the fact that he was relegated to "third place in the royal hierarchy."

"For many years I have been Denmark's number two," he said. "I've been satisfied with that role, but I don't want to be relegated to number three after so many years." Henrik "fled" Denmark to reflect on his status in the Danish Royal Family. Queen Margrethe flew to France to meet with her husband. Henrik stressed that neither his wife or son were to blame for the incident. The Prince Consort spent three weeks in Caix, and did not appear with his wife as expected at the wedding of the Dutch Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange and Máxima Zorreguieta After three weeks, Henrik returned to Denmark and resumed his royal duties.

While I was in Denmark, the Queen and her dear hubby were in France.

Last summer I was in Cahors, France and near the Chateau de Caix. It was something I wanted to see so I found the road and it was lovely, but there wasn't time to stop to see the vinyards. Sometimes they are open to tours but we hadn't checked the schedule so weren't sure if we'd be welcome. I just keep missing the Queen. Oh, well, perhaps one day.

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