Saturday, July 29, 2006

Yikes... July is almost over.. What a month... Youngest son, Chris, arrived at the end of June with his 10 3/4 yr. old daughter, Jennica.. We did Disney and Cocoa Beach and some eating out. Chris stayed a week & went home. Jenny and I got to know each other. I hadn't seen her since she was 4. After a week together here, we hopped on a plane to New Jersey so she could meet her cousins, Samantha and Rachel, my oldest son, David's girls.

A fun week in NJ where she met the Jersey Shore... Had a huge wave flip her upside down and landed her on the sand.. her first Atlantic Ocean wipe-out.. We all had a fun night at the boardwalk in Point Pleasant where she climbed the rock wall and did the Himalaya with Rachel. Sammy, older and way too cool to go on the rides just watched with the adults.

I managed to slip away to the Tropicana for a day to play slots but had no time to meet up with old friends. Monopolized their computer to play Pogo and check e-mails... could have posted here, but didn't.

Back to Florida for 5 days and then off to Kansas to return Jennica home. Visited with Chris and his significant other at their Hide-away Cafe in St. George. Spent the night with Jen & her Mom & her new husband. Headed off to Kansas City and spent some time at Harrah's casino... I think I've done my slot allotment for the year...

Off to catch up on the house & re-establish my old comfortable life.

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