Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I was reading one of my artsy publications or Zines the other day and found an article by someone who had started an art group that met regularly and grew to about 50 people. I really miss our ArtChicks group but since Deb died we just haven't been able to hold it together. We were a foursome to be reckoned with and had such fun. I tried to bring in some others but Four was just our magical number. We all fit in one car and could dash off on "Field Trips" to museums or stores or even down to Sandollr's in South Florida for a long weekend.

We cannot duplicat or redo that group so I'm thinking of a larger, loser group. Mainly for those interested in Altered Books/Arts, Collage, ATC's, Mixed Media, Assemblage, in Paper, Fiber, or Salvage Art. Anything funky. If it works we can break up into smaller groups to meet more often or to do specialized projects not of interest to the group as a whole.

I'm picturing tables laid out with piles of our excess "Stuff" that we've accumulated and maybe separating into "For Sales" and "Freebies"... We could have a project for each meeting or demonstrations or just show & tell.

Initially, we could meet here or move from house to house but once we've grown a bit, perhaps we can find a store or space at the Art Center or somewhere free/cheap to meet.

This would be for anyone in the Orlando/Kissimmee/Central Florida area.

Anyone reading this who is interested, leave comment and e-mail or e-mail me.


MARYBETH said...

Hi Karen,
Id love to join ya when i visit my parents in Oviedo this summer! You might want to put a little ad in the local library or coffee shop, scrap book or stamp shop to find some new folks! The closest shop to me is almost 2 hrs away =(, --but,--- saturday i'm taking a trip for a womens journal class taught by Kelly Kilmer!!!!
XO mb

Laure said...

I love the sound of that,Karen. Nothing like a group of loose and funky women! ha!
You know i will be as involved as I can be.
hugs to you,